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2018-02-23The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and “National Geographic” cooperated to produce the Documentary “Taiwan to the World 6: Taiwan's Toughest”
2018-02-06The Disconnected NASC Helicopter: “Full-scale Search and Rescue Efforts Are Underway. We will Never Give up,” said Yeh Jiunn-Rong
2018-02-06NASC Implemented an Emergency Medical Transfer Mission in Taitung and Lanyu
2018-01-302017 Statistics on the Duty Performance of NASC, MOI
2018-01-26Affectionate and Benevolent, the Alternative Military Servicemen of NASC
2017-12-14The Decommissioned Air Rescuer Met New Friends at School: The New Mission of Fostering Aerospace Talents
2017-12-042017 Outstanding Airborne Servicemen Commendation Ceremony
2017-09-30The Knowledge School of NASC
2017-09-26Review Meeting of the ROC’s Initial Report under the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD)
2017-09-25Air rescue at any time and in any place!
2017-09-14The 1st CRC National Report Press Conference and International Conference is ready for Registration (from now until October 11)
2017-08-21Black Hawk, a New and Effective Air Rescue Tool
2017-08-10New Air Rescue Troops will immediately enhance the Flood Control Preparedness
2017-08-06The Third Delivery of One Black Hawk joined NASC to satisfy the Flood Control and Rescue Demand
2017-01-17NASC Helicopter Rushed to Rescue a Badly Tilting Panamanian Cargo Ship
2017-01-112016 Statistics on the Duty Performance of NASC, MOI
2017-01-11Black Hawk Completed the First Forest Firefighting Mission Successfully
2017-01-102016 Airborne Service Helicopter Lifting and Ascend/Descend Training
2016-12-01The Corps was recognized by the 2016 rescue workers of outstanding performance awards, indicating how difficult these aerial missions are
2016-11-18We are there for you –Airborne Service Worker of 2016 Award Presentation