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The Using of Personal Information

Your name, ID number, address, telephone number, email and other related information might be needed when you are in activity on the website, on website survey, booking electric newspapers, or for other related service. The information collected on the website will be used for user services, problems solving, the notification of lotteries, users' relationship managing, and so on accordingly. The website will not use it for other purposes and will not give it to any third person.

Information Security and Protection

The organization is installed with fire walls to prevent from illegal intruding, destroying, or stealing of information, so that users' information will not be misused. When you are using the paying functions of the website, your personal information will be under the protection of SSL Encrypt System in transferring.

Business Information and Email Transferring

With your permission in booking electric newspapers, we will email you. And you can quit the booking any time you want.