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Note that:
  • Email shall be written in traditional Chinese (BIG-5 or UTF-8 encoding), do not in simplified or GB2312 encoding, to avoid content turning to digital gibberish and the mails are mistaken as spam.
  • Some free E-mail vendors may reject emails from us. If you are a user of these free E-mails, you may not be able to receive notifications from us!
    Such as: pchome and other free E-mails.

You can write to the minister in two ways:

  1. Via the forms provided by the minister’s mailbox
    You can connect to the internet site of the Ministry of the Interior and write a letter to the minister, in this form you should provide your basic personal information (including the name, telephone number, e-mail address, mail’s subject and content), if you wish to attach a file for the minister, you can take reference to the file attachment operating instructions. After completing the mail, input the following number and press the send button to complete the mailing process.
  2. Use the e-mail system you know to write letters
    Set up the e-mail system and server and your e-mail address (when you use the WEB MAIL it is not necessary to set the server), send the mail to the e-mailbox of the minister (, otherwise, the letter cannot be sent correctly, and you cannot receive our response either.
    Independently through which way you send your mail, when you sent your message successfully, you will receive our response, and thank you for sending us the letter.

Mailbox operation mode

If your system has been set well, after you have sent the letter to the minister, a confirmed letter will reply to you within a short time. You have to commit this letter by clicking the Confirmation link to verify what you have sent to the minister’s mailbox. If you repeatedly can not receive any confirmed letter, please make sure the mail address you write is correct and valid before you send out the letter to the minister’s mailbox.

After the procedure is complete, we will treat your mails during office hours and distribute to the respective departments, at the same time, you will receive a reply from us to let you know about the treatment situation of your inquiry. In the reply mail you will find a code of your inquiry, through this code you can trace the treatment of your inquiry through the inquiry tracing website. After receiving the treatment result of the respective entity, you can give your opinion about the satisfaction of the treatment of your inquiry on the satisfaction questionnaire website. According to the content of your letter, your inquiry might be treated by one to several entities, so you might receive replies from one to several entities about the same inquiry.

About the period of processing effectiveness, if the case is complex and needs more time for investigation, according to the regulations governing the treatment of people’s inquiries to the Executive Yuan and other government institutions: The treatment period shall be less than 30 working days; the cases that can be treated immediately shall be replied within 3 working days. Where involving 2 departments (authorities) and above or is of foreign language, response should be within 5 working days.

Use Instructions of File Attachment

After pressing the button of file attachment you will see a small window, press the browse button and select the file you wish to attach, the type of attached files is limited to doc(x), xls(x), txt, jpg, bmp, gif, eml, rar, zip and pdf , each file shall be a maximum of 3MB, after finish selecting the files, confirm your choice, the small window will show the completion of the attachment! File Name : XX  File Size : XX Bytes, if there is any error, this means that your attached file might be more than 3MB, or the name of the attached file does not correspond, after you have attached successfully, you can send the file together with the letter to the minister.