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Beech-200 Aircraft

The Corps operates a Beech-200 airplane for aerial photos, agricultural damage survey, Taiwan base map survey and aerial patrol. This is a small passenger airplane developed by Beech in the 1970s and widely used by governments and military forces around the world as an administration aircraft. The aviation team of Civil Aeronautics Administration used to operate a Beech 200 King Air, which was later transferred to National Airborne Service Corps as the old aviation team of Civil Aeronautics Administration (formerly the aviation team of the Provincial Department of Transportation) was merged into the Corps. Features: aerial photos, agricultural damage survey, Taiwan base map survey and aerial patrol.

Beech-200 photo (2 total pictures)
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    Aerial photography
    From the traditional visual navigation to GPS satellite positioning and navigation, to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of aerial photography.
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    Agricultural Disaster Investigation
    Early agricultural survey to ground-based, aerial telemetry technology can make up for the original shortcomings, and the implementation of a large area survey.
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    Taiwan Basic Chart Revised and Measured
    The maximum navigational height of 35,000 feet, with the national economic construction needs, the basic national topographic map.
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    Air reconnaissance patrol
    Small and medium-sized propeller aircraft, with strong horsepower turboprop engine, can carry out air investigation mission.
Beech-200 Introduction

The nose wheel landing gear
The horizontal stabilizer and elevator
Vertical tail fin and rudder
Main landing gear wheel

Beech-200 is a medium and small propeller aircraft manufactured by Beechcraft in early 1970s, later it became an administrative aircraft for governments or armies around the world. There used to be 1 Beech 200 King Air in Civil Aviation Authority, since the original air force of Civil Aviation Authority (formerly the Air Force of provincial Department of Transportation) was reorganized into NASC of the Ministry of the Interior, there remains 1 Super King Air as a check aircraft to help navigation equipment.


  • Aircraft Type:Beech-200
  • Number:1 plane
  • Duration:4 hours
  • Horsepower:850SHP*2
  • Max Range:1010 mile
  • Specialty:These are the Wheel Max Newest wheels.
  • Limitation:These wheels are updated weekly.
Aircraft Type Maintenance
  • BE-200 right landing gear inspection(35 total pictures)
  • BE-200 right landing gear inspection(12).JPG
  • Fuel pump (6 total pictures)
  • Replacing the fuel pump of left engine (12 total pictures)
  • Right landing gear wire bundle repair for NA-301(14 total pictures)