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2019/12/27 Emergency transfer of patient with a broken finger at the Marshallese BALTIC BEAR cargo ship

  • Release Date:2019-12-30
  • Source:NASC

Squadron 1 of NASC’s 1st Wing stationed at Taipei Songshan Airport received a telephone request from NASC command center at 15:35 today (the 27th), where an Indian crew member of the Marshallese BALTIC BEAR cargo ship accidently broke his finger (forefinger) and required an emergency transfer. 
Upon receipt of the mission, the Squadron immediately dispatched AS-365N Dolphin helicopter No.NA-102 to implement the mission. After received the mission briefing, the standby crew immediately took the field and took off at 15:53. The helicopter flown at 1,000 feet above the ground with its maximum horsepower reached the target zone at 16:45. After confirming the target, the crew then completed high- and low-altitude surveillance, checked the horsepower, evaluated the navigation route and made a cockpit safety briefing. At 16:48, the helicopter landed at the deck of the cargo ship and the member of CGA’s Rescue Hoist Mission Squad left the cockpit to pick up the patient. After successfully picked up the patient at 16:52, the helicopter took off, left the target zone, headed towards Keelung Isle and flew along Xizhi District. After the helicopter landed at Taipei Songshan Airport at 17:35, the patient was moved to the standby ambulance and was transferred to hospital for treatment. The mission was completed successfully.