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2019-12-302019/12/28 Emergency transfer of patient with epilepsy in Magong City
2019-12-27Deputy Minister of the Interior surveyed the construction of Kaohsiung Helicopter Maintenance Hangar and specially reminded the team to timely complete the construction and ensured the quality thereof
2019-12-232019/12/20 Fire-extinguishing mission at aborigine reserved land nearby Wanda Reservoir in Renai Township, Nantou County
2019-12-09Accomplish Missions with Safety the First Priority – The 2019 Outstanding Airborne Servicemen Commendation
2019-05-31Ching Yen-Yuan was inaugurated to take over the heavy duty of NASC captain
2019-05-242019/05/24 NASC implemented an emergency medical mission to transfer a comatose patient who fell off from a height in Matsu
2019-05-132019/05/13 NASC implemented a mountain rescue mission in the North Peak of Syue Mountain (Snow Mountain)
2019-05-012019/04/30 NASC implemented the rescue mission for a burning fishing ship in open waters of Suao, Yilan
2019-04-30Training and conservation in one sortie, Blackhawk flies the “Nan-An Cub” home
2019-04-24NASC was called for an emergency medical evacuation at Nanzixing Mountain at Rueifang District, New Taipei City
2019-04-18NASC rushes to Daxue Mountain for the rescue of a stranded hiker
2019-04-072019/04/07 NASC scrambled to rescue a hiker suffering altitude syndromes at the Nanhu cabin
2019-04-062019/04/06 NASC on a rescue mission for a hiker stranded in the Yupolan Mountain
2019-03-262019/03/26 NASC rescued a stranded mountain hiker from Ta Fen Valley cabin
2019-03-192019/03/18 A sick seaman on the Wan Sheng was airlifted for medical evacuation just off the Taichung Harbor
2019-03-122019/3/11 NASC rushed to rescue for medical evacuation 44 nautical miles northwest of Taichung Harbor out at sea
2019-01-28“Memories of Green Onion Bread” – A Micro Movie of the Agency Against Corruption, Ministry of Justice
2019-01-10Flight sorties in 2018
2018-07-05A New Kaohsiung Hangar for Black Hawk is now under the Constructions to Guard Southern Taiwan
2018-02-27A Series of Reports on “Taiwan to the World 6: Taiwan’s Toughest”