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Raise the salary of NASC members! President Tsai: All pilots will receive additional NTD40,000 each month as a bonus and doubled hourly wage.

  • Release Date:2020-07-10
  • Source:NASC

Accompanied by the Minister of the Interior Hsu Kuo-yung, President Tsai Ing-Wen surveyed NASC’s Taichung station today (the 10th) and announced on site to increase the salary of NASC members. Starting from this month (July), all NASC’s pilots will receive additional NTD40,000 each month as a bonus; and the hour wage of aircrew and air support crew will also be increased. It is hoped that the raise will retain talents while taking care of the valiant NASC members. In the meantime, President Tsai also instructed NASC to speed up the construction of Taitung and Songshan stations to complete the project of building up an aerial disaster rescue base station.

Group photo of President Tsai, Minister Hsu Kuo-yung and the NASC members

The Ministry of the Interior expressed that Executive Yuan already approved to increase the houly wage of NASC members, including those of the pilots from NTD800-NTD1,000 to NTD1,600-NTD2,000; maintenance personnel from NTD500-750 to NTD1,000; and air support crew from other agencies from NTD400-NTD600 to NTD750.

President Tsai and Minister of the Interior Hsu Kuo-yung listen to the briefing

Besides, every NASC pilot will receive additional NTD40,000 each month as a bonus, hoping to recruit and retain these talents while enhancing the rescue capacity of NASC.

Ministry of the Interior pointed out that, to cultivate a pilot, our country needed to invest at least NTD100 million; and that most of the NASC pilots came from the air force and were in the backup service status. That is, they will be included into the warfare listing during the war. Under this condition, it requires a great enthusiasm to join air rescue missions due to risks involved therein. Therefore, with the great support of President Tsai Ing-wen and Premier Executive Yuan Su Tseng-chang, Ministry of the Interior therefore increased the pay of NASC members to encourage them to continuously serve the country by implementing air rescue missions.

NASC expressed that, with their responsibility of fulfilling the five major missions (i.e. air rescue; search and research; emergency medical service; reconnaissance and patrol; and transportation missions), NASC members had not only to confront adverse weather, step terrain and unknown conditions, but also to risk their lives when they attempt to rescue lives. Upon its establishment in 2004, NASC has rescued 7,100 people and did its very best to protect the lives, property and safety of people. From this year till now, NASC already implemented 16 forest fire rescue missions to effectively minimize damages and losses derived forest fires.

NASC also outlined its plan of constructing and renovating five stations in Taipei, Taichung, Kaohsiung, Hualien and Taitung, hoping to construct a rescue base station. Also, NASC will receive the last 6 Black Hawk helicopters this October and, upon completion of the fleet renewal plan, NASC will have 14 Black Hawk helicopters, 9 Dolphin helicopters and 1 Beech, enabling NASC to reach any corner of the country within 30 minutes when having an air rescue mission. This will effectively enhance NASC’s air rescue capacity and better protect the lives, property and safety of our people.