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Heavy duty Blackhawks take to the sky in July, adding extra energy to airborne rescue service

  • Release Date:2021-07-08
  • Source:NASC

The six heavy-duty Blackhawk helicopters of NASC, now fully equipped for nocturnal sea search and rescue missions after 6 months of difference and mission combination training, are ready to join the active force of air rescue on Jul 1 2021, adding fresh powerful troops to the air rescue missions.

These Blackhawks are provided with front-looking infrared (FLIR), night search light, SAR direction finder, target locating system, weather radar and satellite communication system. The biggest difference from a standard Blackhawk is that the stability and safety are improved for nocturnal sea search and rescue missions. This is significantly helpful for the flight crew in search and rescue mode, allowing them to complete challenging search and rescue missions quickly and, most importantly, safely.

Upon the arrival in Oct 2020, the Blackhawks were deployed in Kaohsiung for airworthiness preparation, combination training and a fresh paint job that celebrates the red rescue symbol of NASC that has been planted in people’s mind for a very long time. As these birds join the rank of air rescue, it not only is a boost to the air rescue capability, but also ensures the peace of mind in terms of people’s life and property.