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Aviation Info

Wu Nien-En

  • Award type:2017Servicemen of performance
  • Date of award:2017-11-05
  • Release Date:2017-11-07

  1. Being NASC’s administration cadre of substitute civilian servicemen and assists to handle the works and ordinary life of substitute civilian servicemen.

  2. Assists to receive and issue official documents, check over the documents, scan the documents and establish files thereof, and put the documents and files in order.

  3. Has participated in blood donation activities while encouraging substitute civilian servicemen of different departments to join these activities, which is commendable.

  4. Assists supervisors of different units in solving information issues and handling pre-meeting reports; does works appointed by the supervisors.

  5. Working at the agency’s service desk, and be capable to answer the phone calls very well and quickly transfer the phone calls to the respective person-in-charge, helping to enhance NASC’s service quality.

  6. Being in charge of official document registration works and assists to handle, deliver and track official documents. With an active and responsible attitude, having managed to handle official documents effectively while decreasing the time required therefor.

  7. Proactively participates in public welfare activities, care for the minority people and serve elderly people, successfully maintain a good image of substitute civilian servicemen.

  8. Commander of the substitute civilian serviceman apparel visual inspection team of Dapinglin Joint Development Building on April 27, 2017.

  9. Succeeded to assist the organizer in handling professional trainings for substitute civilian servicemen of the 179th phase with a serious and responsible attitude at work.

  10. Introduces the environment to new substitute civilian servicemen, including the functions of each unit, duties of servicemen and matters to which they shall pay attention.