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Aviation Info

Hsieh, Min-Cheng

  • Award type:2018Servicemen of performance
  • Date of award:2019-05-15
  • Release Date:2019-05-15

1.Mr. Hsieh is a cadre for the alternative military servicemen in National Airborne Service Corps who helps with servicemen’s works and daily needs;
2.He assists in document receiving and delivery, search for files, file scanning and sorting;
3.He participates in blood donation and encourages other servicemen to join him, which is recognizable;
4.He helps his superiors with eliminating computer problems, deals with pre-meeting briefing and performs jobs handed down in a short notice;
5.He serves as a receptionist at the front desk; he is articulate in answering phone calls and swift in transferring them for a better service quality;
6.He is a desk clerk who helps with document transfers and follow-ups, and has a good sense of responsibility to improve the efficiency of paperwork;
7.He participates in charity events and cares for the socially disadvantaged and senior citizens, a good example of what an alternative military serviceman should be;
8.He was the leader of alternative military servicemen for the grooming check at the Dapinglin join development building in Nov 2018;
9.He helped with the professional training for alternative military servicemen of echelons 181, 184 and 186. He had a remarkable performance to get the job done.
10. He helps new servicemen to settle in and explains to them what the Corps is, what is does and what to pay attention to.