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Aviation Info

Li, Tsang-Yu

  • Award type:2016Servicemen of performance
  • Date of award:2017-10-13
  • Release Date:2017-10-13

He is an administration cadre for the replacement servicemen of the Corps. He is active and has a good sense of responsibility.
He helps with file management, document scanning and maintenance.
He helped with the daily life and after-work counseling for Batches 154, 156 and 158 replacement servicemen before and during professional training, and he delivered.
He helps new replacement servicemen with their job description, service key points and other notes.
He helped with the layout and clean-up for the 3rd law education event in Taipei in 2015 by the central competent authority for replacement servicemen.
He became the leader of the replacement servicemen on the inspection of daily routines at the Dapinglin Joined Office Building on Nov 26 2015.
He helped with human resource service and charity events.
He promoted blood donation and helped organize blood donation events on a regular basis.
He helped supervisors with the interpretation of information and preparation of presentation and he got the jobs done in a short notice.
He sits at the front desk as a receptionist from time to time to answer phone calls. He is articulate when answering phone calls and transfers them to the correct extensions swiftly, thus improving service quality.
He is also a clerk for paperwork, document receipt and distribution. He is self-motivated and gets the job done on time.