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Aviation Info

Wu, Yi-Lin

  • Award type:2016Servicemen of performance
  • Date of award:2017-10-13
  • Release Date:2017-10-13

1. He is an administration cadre for the replacement serviceman of the Corps who helps the new servicemen get used to their jobs and the working environment, and provide counseling.
2. He is in charge of inspecting utility services of the Corps and calling for repairs when needed, assistance in troubleshooting information and communication equipment faults, and ensuring everything runs like clockwork.
3. He is the leader of the replacement servicemen on the inspection of daily routines at the Dapinglin Joined Office Building and with good performance.
4. He organizes and provides assistance in charity events for the replacement servicemen at the Corps with good performance.
5. He is the administrational clerk in charge of document registration and filing. He helps with file searching, document scanning and archive management.
6. He is in charge of the professional training, after-work counseling, workshops and daily life for Batches 164, 166 and 167 replacement servicemen.
7. He helped with the layout of events organized by the secretariat, testing of video line connection, presentation preparation and clean-up after the events.
8. He is polite in answering phone calls and helps the callers in terms of what they need. He is a really good helper to get the jobs done.