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On February 14, 2016, the Airborne Service helicopter rushed to rescue a climber at the main line of Snow Mountain.

  • Release Date:2016-02-14
  • Source:National Airborne Service Corps

The Airborne Service Helicopter Rushed to Rescue A Climber Who Got Hurt on The Head
At about 22 on February 13, the Airborne Service Corp, MOI received an emergency task inform from the Fire Agency: “a climber hurt the head and felt chest pain at 10.7 kilometers of the main line of Snow Mountain. The climber could not move any more.”After confirming the relevant information and coordinate position, the Corp instantly informed equipped crews of the Type B-234 (No. NA-602) from Group 1 of the 3rd Service Battalion to go for rescue at daybreak of the second day. The task plane took off at about 7:05 and carried the Special Search personnel of Fire Agency and logistic personnel. It arrived at the target area at about 8:10. It performed the airborne reconnaissance from high and low altitude and test the aloft horsepower. The injured had been fixed to soft stretcher. After discussion, the crews of the task plane determined to adopt hanging method. The injured was hung and carried into the plane at about 8:25. The plane took off at about 8:35 toward the Tungshih Riverside Park. The ground personnel took over the patient to do further rescue. The task plane arrived at Tainan at 10. The mission was successfully completed.