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  • Release Date:2016-10-11
  • Source:公視

Continuous downpour in taitung damages major road

Continuous downpour after the typhoon have resulted in all sorts of damage in eastern Taiwan Landslides have covered nearly 50 meters long along the Luanshan sections of County road 197. Also, in Taitung's Hongye village, two main access roads have collapsed and cracks were found in the roads. Heavy machinery was unutilized to help disaster relief and the authorities are trying their best to remove the desbris from the area and restore access to the village as soon as possible.

Village cut off for six days faces food shortage

The extremely heavy rains caused traffic termination, the Lidao village in Haiduan Township was facing food shortage. Taitung County Government called for an emergency air lift of food, medicines and three medical staff. Taitung County had five consecutive days of extremely heavy rains; the South-link Highway had a total of 21 mudslides. The traffic was terminated. In the last day of the national holidays, the Highway had traffic jam of five kilometers. 

Resident(How do you get home?)

  • just wait
  • Not sure if the road is blocked or something.
  • I still need to write my homework On the rainway.
  • the Taimail Section of the South-link Line also suffered from mudslides.
  • The line was resumed in the morning, however by noon time, Hsin-chi Tunnel No.2 had another mudslide causing rail deformation.

Taitung Sec. Leader, TRA
The cause to the rail deformation is the landslide.
There was a landslide.

The Taiwan RAilways Administration made its decision arouns 3pm, calling engineers to escort the train through the tunnel at very slow speed under safe consitions.