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On July 26, 2015, a search & rescue mission for a climber at the Juifang Mountainous Area

  • Release Date:2015-08-06
  • Source:National Airborne Service Corps

The Airborne Service Helicopter Rescue A Climber Who Got Fracture on the Arm

At about 17 on July 26, he Airborne Service Corp, MOI received an emergency task inform from the Fire Agency of New Taipei City: “A climber went up the mountain from somewhere nearby Juifang district and carelessly fell over when climbing the 381 peak of Chienlungleng, Panping Mountain. It is suspected that he or she got fracture on the arm.”After confirming relevant information and coordinate position, the Corp immediately inform equipped crews of Type UH-1H (No. NA-515) from the Group 2 (stationed at Taipei Songshan) of the 1st Service Battalion to go for search & rescue. The task plane arrived at the target area and started search work at about 17:42. The dense trees in the mountain increased difficulties to search and rescue mission. The task plane flew along the mountain ridge back and forth for several times without any result. After connecting with the ground rescue personnel and asked the injured climber to stay at clearing place of the ridge and wait for rescue, the crews found the climber at about 17:50. With discussion, crews of the task plane determined to hang the injured up after fixing him to the nacelle, under the help of a logistic worker from the Special Rescue Team. Seriously influenced by the crosswind in the valley, the hanging operation has to be executed for several times to an fro. At about 18:12, the climber was rescued successfully and the task plane immediately went on the return voyage. At about 18:28, the plane landed at the Songshan Airport. The ground personnel took over the climber to do further rescue. The mission was fulfilled successfully.