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National Airborne Service Corps supported the 7th combination training for firefighting and rescue team by Yunlin County Fire Department with helicopter

  • Release Date:2017-08-31
  • Source:NASC

Yunlin County Fire Department had the “7th combination training for firefighting and rescue team” at the cultural park of Douliu City on Aug 18 2017, and sent a request to National Airborne Service Corps for support with a helicopter and instructors. Based on the location and schedule, the Corps dispatched an AS-365 Dolphin with its air crew and the accompanying search and rescue team of National Fire Agency from Squadron 1, 2nd Wing (stationed at Chingchuankang, Taichung) for this training session.
This session consisted of 3 stages. Stage 1 was the introduction to the Corps’ organization and history by the Corps’ instructor, short lecture on helicopter safety and equipment, the standard procedure of helicopter deployment when an emergency mission is called upon, preparation before takeoff and mission precautions. Stage 2 comprised the introduction to hand signals used on and off the helicopter, guiding helicopter maneuvering, hoist up/down and surrounding security. The introduction also included descend/ascend in a static setting, how to operate a hoist (ropes and buckles) in the cabin, how the rescue workers get in and out of the cabin, and sharing of some real-life examples of rescue mission. In Stage 3, the instructor gave instructions on the hoist operation and the members of rescue team took turn to familiarize themselves with the gears so that their professional skills of 3-dimensional rescue are improved and able to be used in medical evacuations in rescue over water, white water training, and accidents in the mountains.
Having a good performance in routine combination training builds the confidence in the air crew and rescue specialists in their rescue mission, develops the synchronization of crewmembers for teamwork, improves their rescue skills and ensures the safety of the life and property of rescuers and people.