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National Airborne Service Corps supported the 2017 joined air rescue refreshment training by Chiayi City Government Fire Department with helicopter

  • Release Date:2017-07-06
  • Source:NASC

Chiayi City Government Fire Department organized the 2017 joined air rescue refreshment training on Jun 21 and 22 2017 and sent a request to National Airborne Service Corps for support with a helicopter and instructors. Based on the location and schedule, the Corps dispatched an air crew and the accompanying search and rescue team of National Fire Agency from Squadron 2, 3rd Wing (stationed at Xiaogang, Kaohsiung) for this training session. The event was held to establish a joined rescue operation mechanism between government agencies at the central and local levels, develop a synchronized system for working together for rescue missions, improve the joined air search and rescue and response capability, and ensure people’s lives and properties.
This session consisted of 3 stages. Stage 1 was the mission briefing, where the participants were briefed for the type of mission, weather report, equipment status, staffing, mission overview, equipment to be used, communications, emergency procedures, mission risks, action schedule and precautions. Stage 2 comprised guiding helicopter maneuvering, cable up/down and surrounding security. In Stage 3, the flight instructor was on board for the introduction to the 3-dimensional rescue by helicopter, anchoring in the cabin and live training such as descending and joisting from a hovering helicopter (with ropes and hoist).
The global warming has taken its toll on Taiwan as the climate changes are becoming increasingly severe, and these changes often bring combinations of disasters and threaten the life and property of people. The Corps has established a regional defense mechanism with friendly agencies to develop synchronization between one another and improve search and rescue skills in daily trainings. By doing so, the crew will stay calm and act in the appropriate way to get the job once an emergency call comes in.