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Completion of construction of Taitung Base, National Airborne Service Corps. Lin Yu-chang: Eastern Taiwan rescue capacity increases by 50%.

  • Release Date:2023-06-19
  • Source:勤務指揮中心

Today (19), Lin Yu-chang, Minister of the Interior, hosted the “Inauguration Ceremony of the Hangar of the Taitung Base of National Airborne Service Corps.” Minister Lin said that the Taitung Base is an important rescue base in eastern Taiwan and is responsible for aerial rescues in the southeastern waters of Taiwan (R. O. C.). The introduction of Blackhawk helicopters has vastly improved night time search and rescue (SAR) capabilities, and the arrival of an additional Blackhawk to the original fleet of two blackhawks has increased rescue capacity by 50%. The newly constructed rescue base further enhances the protection of lives and property of people living in eastern Taiwan. Minister Lin also pointed out that since the epidemic unblocked in early 2023 to mid-May this year, accidents in the mountains and seas have happened frequently. Likewise the National Airborne Service Corps has carried out over 300 rescue sorties and saved up to 120 people. In addition to showing his gratitude to the colleagues in the Airborne Service Corps for their dedication to mission fulfillment despite dangerous circumstances, Minister Lin also exalted the Corps to uphold the “Mission Accomplished, Safety First” principle in both trainings and missions. As the Corps provides the people with more efficient and safer services, they shall also demonstrate the government’s determination to protect the people’s life and property. 

As the original hangar was deemed to be too old and too small, the National Airborne Service Corps’ Taitung Base that entered service today was built. More importantly, as the Blackhawk helicopters - highly digitized and advanced flying machines - have to be parked in hangars, hence modern hangars have been built in the Taichung, Kaohsiung, and Tatung bases which have allowed rescue missions to be completed efficiently. Moreover, the architecture of the hangars have also won several awards. Therefore, the Airborne Service Corps decided to build a new hangar at the Fengnian Airport in July 2020. During the construction of the hangar, problems such as COVID-19 and the shortage of labor and materials in the construction market were encountered. Nevertheless, through the effort of our colleagues, the construction team, and the Southern Engineering Office of the Construction and Planning Agency, along with assistance from the Taitung County Government and Taitung International Airport, the hangar was completed on schedule and of excellent quality. Most importantly, the project also won the “Public Construction Golden Award – Excellence.” Minister Lin expressed his gratitude to Legislator Liu, Legislator Liao, Mayor Jao of Taitung County, and Speaker Wu for their concern regarding the construction and development of Taitung County, and also expressed his gratitude to all teams who assisted in the construction of Taitung Base.
Minister Lin also called for the people to pay attention to their own physical condition and shoulder their own responsibility towards society. He reminded the people that should they lack professional abilities, they should never enter the mountains or conduct dangerous water activities. By shouldering their own responsibility towards society, they can lower the possibility of accidents and reduce the number of rescue missions.