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The inauguration of the “Air Rescuer” exhibition to manifest the National Airborne Service Corps’ determination to safeguard people’s life and property.

  • Release Date:2023-07-05
  • Source:空中勤務總隊

Today (5), the Airborne Service Corps, Ministry of the Interior hosted the exhibition “Air Rescuer” and a tea party at the hallway of the National Examination Center, Ministry of Examination, becoming the first government agency to hold an exhibition there. Ching Yen-Yuan, the General Commander of the National Airborne Service Corps, said that the Airborne Service Corps is the only airborne government agency in our country responsible for the air and disaster rescue. The National Airborne Service Corps always carries out its mission in extreme bad weather, difficult situation, bad terrains, and unknown conditions. When conducting air rescue missions, the crews always risk their lives to save people’s lives. As of the end of June 2023, it has dispatched 377 helicopter-times and rescued 161 people. 

Ching Yen-Yuan explained how the exhibition aims to promote awareness of the dangers and difficulties the Airborne Service Corps and its air rescuers face when carrying out the missions. It is hoped that people can elevate their safety consciousness and stay away from danger to prevent misuse of the rescue resources. At the exhibition venue, there are photos showing the training and rescue missions of the air rescuers. They show that the extreme difficulties crews face when they always carry out missions in extreme weather and bad terrains. When confronted with an ever changing environment, the crew have to conduct immediate judgement and determination to cope with the needs of emergency rescue, hence showcasing their top notch professionalism and judgement. 

The National Airborne Service Corps receives vigorous training in flying techniques and promote its skills in helicopter maintenance with strict disciplines. By optimizing air safety and completing the takeover of the Blackhawk helicopters, it won the Group Award of the 2022 Civil Service Outstanding Contribution Awards. Moreover, the construction works of the bases in Taichung, Kaohsiung, and Taitung also won the Public Construction Golden Quality Award, Executive Yuan. Ching Yen-Yuan affirmed the contributions of and expressed his gratitude to the Airborne Service Corps for their dedication in disaster rescue despite of the danger and difficulty of the missions.  

Ching Yen-Yuan also shared that safeguarding people’s lives and property is the Airborne Service Corps’ most important mission. Through this exhibition, The Corps’ hopes that people can learn more about disasters and develop their safety awareness. At the tea party, those rescued were invited to share their stories of being rescued. In this exhibition, the five major missions: “disaster relief, disaster rescue, first aid, and disaster observation, detection, and transportation” and the features of the agency are exhibited to better the understanding of the examinees for the facilitation of recruitment. To attract more and better pilots to join the corps, starting from the next year (2024) the basic requirement for the examinees in flight hours will be elevated in the aviation category. In addition, written and oral examinations will be conducted to recruit pilots with distinctive professional and attitude in order to promote flight safety and professionalism. To update and promote the requirements to cope with the needs of times, it is hoped to bridge the demand of the examination agency and the demand in professional talent. 

In this exhibition, films about and photos of the five major missions “disaster relief, disaster rescue, first aid, and disaster observation, detection, and transportation” are displayed and the features of the agency are introduced. The exhibition will end at 5:00 pm on (Wed) August 16, 2023. You are welcome to visit the exhibition at the National Examination Center, Ministry of Examination.