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Promotion of property transparency – Substantive examination by drawing lots to conduct property declaration by the National Airborne Service Corps’ personnel

  • Release Date:2023-02-21
  • Source:空中勤務總隊

To consolidate the implementation of the Sunshine Law and fulfill the goal of transparency, the National Airborne Corps, MOI took the opportunity, during the expanded supervisors meeting held in February 2023, to draw lots to select the staff to conduct substantive examination of 2022 Annual Public Servant Property Declaration. Chaired by Commander Ching Yen-Yuan, the National Airborne Service Corps and witnessed by the supervisors of various levels, according to the regulations of the Ministry of Justice, 10 % of the staff were selected by drawing lots to conduct the substantive examination, and comparison of the property owned in the previous year and this one. 

Ching Yen-Yuan expressed that, according to the Act on Property-Declaration by Public Servants, certain public servants are required to declare their property, as well as their spouses and minor children’s, regularly for the review of the public, aiming to promote the trust of people towards the administration of the government and the honesty of the public servants. Up to now, the staff of the National Airborne Corps declared their property honestly in accordance with the law. None of them has failed to make such declarations. 

To lessen the workload of the staff and reduce mistakes when self-examining the property, the Ethics Office of the National Airborne Corps has been active in promoting and encouraging the declarer to authorize agents to file the property data, and assist them in completing the declaration accurately. Now, the Airborne Corps employs the means of authorization to help declare the property at 100% to safeguard the rights of the declarer effectively.