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Advocating integrity and the rule of law and combating corruption through public-private partnerships, National Airborne Service Corps holds Corporate Integrity Forum

  • Release Date:2022-04-18
  • Source:空中勤務總隊

Combating corruption through public-private partnerships is one of the focuses in Taiwan’s policy-making. To provide companies with assistance in following Taiwan’s anti-corruption policies, the Brigade 2 of the Service Brigades of the National Airborne Service Corps, Ministry of the Interior held the Corporate Integrity Forum on April 8, 2022 and invited maintenance workers, pilots and representatives of concerned companies such as Airbus and AirAsia to participate. In the forum, Yeh Yi-chang, a standing board member of Transparency International Taiwan, shared some cases concerning corporate integrity and governance in various countries and had a discussion with the business representatives, with about 80 people participating and having a lively interaction. The event was a success. In response to the pandemic, all personnel abided by the regulations of the Central Epidemic Command Center and took relevant protective measures.
The National Airborne Service Corps has always spared no effort in pushing for the implementation of the United Nations Convention against Corruption. The captain said at the forum that in order to strengthen the capacity for air ambulance, the Air Service Corps, Ministry of the Interior allocates a huge budget every year for the procurement of helicopters and disaster relief equipment. As the personnel of the agency have frequent interactions with the counterparts of the suppliers, they are obliged to perform duties in accordance with the regulations, strictly abide by integrity and ethics directions and draw a line between themselves and the suppliers to boost the public’s trust in the agency’s work and maintain the integrity of the agency.
Based on the topic “Corporate Integrity and Anti-corruption Regulations,” Yeh Yi-chang, a standing board member, shared the importance and practice of establishing a company’s integrity management system, saying that anti-corruption preventive measures in the private sector have become a global trend in recent years. The agency has established “anti-corruption partnerships” through the joint efforts of the public and private sectors. By advocating correct concepts of “integrity and the rule of law” and “corporate social responsibility” through two-way communication and idea exchange, the agency aims to raise the public’s awareness of the legal norms to demonstrate the spirit of civil servants at work and create an environment of integrity, competence and transparency.