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Air crew chief

Personal survival kit (3)
Survival pack

Description of elements:

No. Item / specs Quantity Usage How to use
  Plastic container 1    
13 Fishing kit 1 package Fishing As needed
3 Gauze / bandage, 4” x 4” 1 volume Field dressing As needed
12 Band-aid, 3/4” x 3” 6 pieces First aid As needed
  Surgical tape, 1” x 1 1/2” 1 volume Field dressing and cloth patching As needed
  Wire saw, 16” 1 article Cut wood As needed
  Surgical gloves 2 pairs Sanitation As needed
7 Water purifier tablets, 50 tablets / bottle 1 bottle Water purification Put 2 tablets into every quart of water. Shake the water before using. Wait for 20 minutes before drinking.
2 Napkins 3 packs Cleaning As needed
  Chocolate 1 packs

Energy boost

As needed
4 Meat soup, quick meal page 2 packs Cook and serve Cook according to instructions on package
5 Aluminum foil, 12” x 12” 1

Folded into a container Wrap food when cooking

As needed
9 Anti-humidity matches 1 package Start a fire As needed
First response rescue knife SW-911
US military-grade compass


  • Color: military green
  • Material: high-quality engineering metal (bake-painted)
  • Material: high-quality engineering metal (bake-painted)
  • Gauge surface diameter: 55mm
  • Weight: 185g
  • Accessory: compass, portable canvas fanny pack, army green back strap, instruction brochure



  1. Robust engineering metal base gives the compass its tough and lightweight body to take on any challenge of harsh environment.
  2. The vacuum, oil-immersed, waterproofed gauge provides completely waterproofing protection. The pointer stays stable in harsh environment.
  3. It comes with a portable canvas fanny pack for easy carriage.
  4. Orientation measurement mechanism is accurate up to one degree.
  5. Gun sight type ranger is accurate up to 3 %.
SEAPACK emergency desalinator


SeaPack is a multi-purpose desalinator for seawater (salt) treatment. The agent used is capable of removing 97% of electrolytes in seawater and generating 17oz (500ml) of desalinated water for drinking in emergency. SeaPack gives people a fighting chance to survive at sea in emergency conditions by providing the much needed water, glucose and calories. This device is good for 8 runs of desalination and sustaining life for 10 days or longer. The dense filter membrane screens off harmful viruses and bacteria. This is truly a lifesaver for air crew in the line of duty.


How to use:

Inject a bottle of 4oz nutrient into the bag through the green hole, and fill the bag with seawater through the red hole. The desalination starts and fresh water trickles into the smaller bag through the filter membrane. But it takes a while (5 hours or so) to generate 1/2 liter of lifesaving clean water which contains glucose that provides lifesaving calories with viruses and bacteria removed.