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Aviation Info

Air crew chief

Personal survival kit (1)
#745-1T vest

Take the V-buckles out of the holder in front of the vest during air lifting. Both V-buckles are secured on the hook on the hoist. The correct position to be lifted is in a sitting position with the body tilting back slightly. Look at the hoist operator and follow his instructions.

Low-thickness neck buoy #740

  • The compact, lightweight neck buoy provides more than 65lbs of buoyancy.
  • The double air pocket design ensures safety. In case that one pocket fails, the other is still able to provide full buoyancy. The pockets are protected by a layer of fireproof fabrics.
  • Tension limit: 1,800lbs (816kg)
  • The manual inflation device is provided with two 29-33g CO2 cylinders which inflate the pockets immediately by pulling the attached string.
  • The neck buoy must be used together with the vest (such as the air crew vest LSC #745 series).
  • Operating angle limit: 30° between cable and hoist center/li>
Laser beacon

  • Visibility: 20 miles / 32km (clear night sky)
  • Waterproof depth: 80’ / 24m
  • Service life of laser LED: approximately 10,000 hours
  • Continuous illumination for approximately 40 hours
Reflector and whistle

  • The reflector is provided with an aiming hole that generates a red dot, allowing the projection of signal to the desired target.
  • A survival whistle complying with USCG criteria is provided.
  • A tether is provided to connect the reflector to the wearer or life raft so it is not lost.
  • A yellow buoy is attached to the reflector to provide a visual reference of the reflector when it is dropped in the water.
371 ACR ® AquaFix 406 P-EPIRB

  • A handheld transmitter operating on the rescue frequency of 406 MHz.
  • Waterproof up to 33 feet.
  • Operates at -20º C for up to 24 hours.
  • Battery: two Li battery (2500 mA-hours), to be replaced every 5 years.
  • Size:1.74" x 5.71" x 3.03"。
  • Weight:12 oz。
706 Leatherman ® New Wavesurvival toolset
  • Weight:8.5 oz。
  • Length:4" (closed)。
  • • Most of the elements on the toolset are provided with sharp edge or tip. Be extra careful when folding and unfolding any of these elements as they post a risk of injury.