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Rescue equipment on board of helicopter

Air ambulance

  • When to use:
    A patient on a remote island or at a remote area on the main island needs to be evacuated to a major hospital.
  • Structure:
    The foldable body is made of stainless steel with a maximum capacity of 90kg.
  • Instructions for operating:
    The patient lies on the stretcher and is buckled up. Two rescuers lift the stretcher into the cabin with the patient. The stretcher is secured on the stretcher board in the cabin with locking lugs on both sides of the stretcher which help keep the stretcher in place, so that the patient stays in the stretcher without possible injuries due to the maneuvering of the helicopter.
  • Instructions for maintenance:
    Visually check every time before the helicopter is ready to take off. Clean with water after every use.


  • When to use:
    1. Patients who pass out, are unconscious, suffer a broken bone or are somewhat immobilized.
    2. (For one person only)
    3. For air lifting on land and at sea.
  • Structure:
    1. Foldable body made of stainless steel
    2. Smooth anti-corrosion checkered surface at the bottom
    3. Provided with buoys and slings
    4. The 5 sets of quick-release straps for patient securing must be in different colors
    5. Dimension unfolded: 84” long * 24” wide * 7” high
    6. Empty weight: 32lbs (including buoys and slings)
Lifting hoist

Lifting hoist

  • When to use:
    1. The patient is conscious but immobilized
    2. (For one person only)
    3. For air lifting on land and at sea.
  • Structure:
    1. It comes with adjustable leg straps to keep the passenger from slipping. The straps are put in the pouch (with a zipper) on the back of hoist strap.
    2. The hoist strap must be buoyant for air lifting on land and at sea.
    3. The straps are woven with stainless buckles.
    4. Designed for arm strapping


    1. Color:International orange cover with black webbing.
    2. weight:2.54 lbs.
    3. Inspections: visual inspection every time before use; extended load test (v-ring to v-ring) at 600lbs every 6 months.
    4. Cleaning: wash with mild cleaning agent and clean fresh water.
  • Loading capacity:
    (Load Bearing) Type 10 Mil-Spec Nylon Webbing (max. bearing of 10,000lbs on breaking)with TEX 210 Bonded Nylon Thread (max. bearing of 5,000lbs on breaking)
Rescue basket

Rescue basket

  • When to use:
    1. For passenger who is injured or not (for one person only)
    2. For air lifting on land and at sea.
  • Structure:
    1. Fully welded stainless steel frame
    2. Foldable joystick for storage space saving
    3. Smooth anti-corrosion checkered surface at the bottom
    4. Equipped with buoys covered in high-density maritime nylon fabrics and highly reflective straps
    5. Dimension: 44.5” long × 25” wide ×5” deep
    6. Net weight: 42lbs
420 Rescue Seat

Rescue seat

  • When to use:
    The rescue seat is used when the joist is difficult to use in high winds. It is designed to hoist one person at a time, and two in urgent conditions. The seat is used only for those who are still conscious.
  • Structure:
    1. 2 folding seats
    2. Buoyant foam at the top
    3. Dimension: 6”x 9”x 32”
    4. Total weight: 18lbs
    5. Bearing capacity: 3,750lbs
    6. Made of 304 stainless steel for duties on land and at sea
    7. Every seat along the folding layer is provided with a yellow safety strap (with a breaking limit of 6,000lbs).
Self-inflating liferaft

Self-inflating liferaft


  • When to use:
    1. When people are stranded in water or fall over board and no rescue measure is available in a short period of time
    2. When an emergency occurs to the air crew on water or at sea
    3. For air lifting at sea.
  • Structure:
    1. The body is made of plastic.
    2. Capacity: 6 or 8 people
    3. Net weight: 68lbs
    4. It is automatically inflated by an air cylinder.
    5. Accessories: life support kit, light stick, first aid kit
  • Coastline Liferaft - 6 Persons
    1. 1. Manufacturer: Avon Inflatables Ltd
    2. 2. Hard shell: weight: 32kg; length: 73cm
    3. 3. Width: 49cm; height: 31cm
    4. 4. Payload: 6 people
    5. 5. After inflation:

Coastline Liferaft



  • 01.1 Signalling Torch 信號手電筒
  • 02.1 Sea Anchor - 100 (30 M) Line 海錨連繩-繩長30公尺
  • 03.1 Bailer 戽斗
  • 04.2 Sponges 海綿
  • 05.3 Hand Flares 手持信號彈
  • 06.2 Paddles 滑槳
  • 07.1 Repair Kit 艇身修補工具
  • 08.1 Safety Knife - To Cut Painter 安全小刀-切割繫艇繩
  • 09.1 Bellows 打氣機(風箱)
  • 10.1 Distress Signal Table 遇難信號諸元表
  • 11.6 Anti-Sea Sickness Pills Per Person 6粒暈船藥
  • 12.1 Rescue Quoit On 100 (30 M) Line 救援環連繩-繩長30公尺
  • 13.1 Advice On Immediate Emergency Procedures 緊急程序說明書
KC-58 smoke marker

KC-58 smoke marker

  1. 21.78 in. in length and 5.03 in. in diameter
  2. Weight: 13lbs
  3. The ignition takes 25 seconds by seawater battery.
  4. It burns for 40 minutes.
  5. The powder charge weighs 4lbs and 13.5oz.