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Aviation Info


Personnel lifting

1. Model: GOODRICH 76378
2. Net lifting capacity: 98.6lbs
3. Bearing capacity of cable: 600lbs =267daN
4. Cable length: 94m; usable length: 90m
5. Cable (shear capacity: 1,500daN)
6. Working voltage: 28vDC

Performance and limits

1. Lifting speed: 0 to 0.75m/s
2. Lifting angle: +20°
3. The motor switches to low speed (1/3 of full speed) automatically for the last 2m of travel of cable. The spe

Boom assembly

1. Boom body
2. Lifting control level
3. Lifting control box
4. Cable
5. Buckles

Boom assembly 1Boom assembly 2

Boom assembly 3Boom assembly 4

Lifting control box

Control box controls safety and protection settings for:
1. Auto speed regulation
2. Warning system
3. Safety shutoff
4. Logic circuit

Cable cutoff switch

Cable cutoff switch 1Cable cutoff switch 2