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Construction of duty building for 2nd Wing, Airborne Service Corps –the 14th Golden Award for Public Construction Projects

  • Date of award:2017-10-13
  • Release Date:2017-10-13
  • Source:National Airborne Service Corps

The National Airborne Service Corps of Ministry of the Interior consists of 3 duty wings, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd, each of which is located in northern part, central part and southern part of Taiwan, respectively, due to the geographic layout of Taiwan. Located at central Taiwan, the 2nd Wing provides support for rescue missions in northern and southern Taiwan. Particularly, natural disasters are frequent in recent years and bring devastation to central and southern Taiwan, which signifies how important to have the 2nd Wing for rescue missions. Currently, the 2nd wing is stationed at Shuinan Airport in Taichung. However, the airport was decommissioned in March 2004, and there were already issues of support interruption, such as aircraft refueling, tower control, accident rescue and firefighting, and FOD cleaning on runway/taxiway. On May 21 2010, the Executive Yuan approved the mid-term project for this construction to build an exclusive section at the Chingchuankang, including the regional rescue command center for central Taiwan.
The Airborne Service Corps and Construction and Planning Agency reached a charged’ affaires agreement on the purchase project in Jun 2010. CPA was entrusted for the construction, purchase process and contract performance management. On Aug 2010, Yu, Hsiao-Feng Architect Office was selected as the designer and construction supervisor to oversee the construction project, help finalize the building design, and provide detailed design and budget review. The project was posted online for bidding on Mar 27 2012 and awarded to Kangchou Construction Co., Ltd. on Apr 24 2012. The construction started on Jun 11 2012 and it was estimated to take 621 calendar days. The buildings were expected to be completed on Mar 15 2014 and commissioned in May 2014. The construction work is currently underway.
The project site covers 14,999m2 with the building footprint of 5,957m2, total floor area of 23,058m2, building coverage ratio of 40.6% and floor area ratio of 117%. There will be three buildings within the site, including the duty building (an RC building with one story below ground and 5 above), the preparation building (an RC building with 5 stories above ground) and the hangar (a steel-RC hybrid structure with 2 stories below ground and 12m above). These building are used for flight duties and offices, as well as accommodate maintenance hangar for helicopters, supply warehouse, material preparation room and classrooms. The budget is NT$864,244,044. The construction contract price is NT$ 750,360,000 and the final price is NT$666,000,000.
CPA indicates that this construction project on behalf of the Corps will be executed for strict quality control on the basis of existing specifications of standard operation procedures and according to rich construction experience and efficiency. The goal is to build a high-quality helicopter servicing base and rescue command center with the expected schedule, quality, budget and safety. This facility will provide the buildings with the special features that fit the need of the 2nd Wing of the Corps, and CPA hopes that this is a successful mission.