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Aviation Info

Chen, Wen-Tang

  • Award type:2014Civil servants of integrity
  • Date of award:2017-10-13
  • Release Date:2017-10-13

1. He reviewed the bidding specifications for the “repair or renovation project for the 44 aviation materials, including turbo fan for BE-200 and 350” for the Corps, keeping the Corps from violating purchase contract, preventing unnecessary contract performance disputes, keeping the purchase fair and legal, and minimizing the waste of government resources.

2. He dug deeper into the bidding specifications to provide substantial comments and thus prevent disputes.

(1)To make the budding specifications more specific and complete and to reduce possible mistakes in calculating monthly payment and tax, he asked business unit to have a list of business tax and income tax in the unit price analysis table when negotiating with foreign suppliers for labor purchase. This resulted in significantly reduced disputes in the auditing of purchase acceptance and tax payments, as well as improvement of administration efficiency.

(2)Years of experience as a purchase supervisor allowed Mr. Liu to spot a possible flaw in the overdue payment and punishment in the “subsequent maintenance labor purchase for the aviation material information management system. He proposed an amendment of the bidding specifications according to the Government Procurement Act. The amendment was accepted by the business unit and adopted in the bidding specification, thus preventing possible disputes.