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Aviation Info

Lin, Kuang-Hsiung

  • Award type:2014Rescue workers of performance
  • Date of award:2017-10-13
  • Release Date:2017-10-13



【Let’s listen to what he has to say】

I am Lin, Kuang-Hsiung, a pilot of Squadron 2, 1st wing of the Airborne Service Corps. I am honored to be selected as one of the rescue workers of good performance by the National Rescue Command Center. I would like to show my appreciation to my wife and family for their support for my job in the Corps. This is a job of high risk. There are five of us on board of the helicopter in every mission, including the air crew and the rescue team. That’s five families.
We risk our lives in rescue mission at sea and in the mountains battling poor weathers and treacherous terrains. I want to appreciate the cooperation of the air crew, special search and rescue team and coast guards who fly with my. They help me in every successful mission. It doesn’t matter how dangerous a mission is. It is the risk we are willing to take. Saving people is our job and keeping people safe is our mission. All I hope is to get there and save precious life in the shortest possible time. It is worth everything we sacrifice.