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Aviation Info

Chuang, Shih-Lung

  • Award type:2014Rescue workers of performance
  • Date of award:2017-10-13
  • Release Date:2017-10-13



【Let’s listen to what he has to say】

A wise man once said that, a seed is a life or limitlessness and the limitlessness gives life. I am an ordinary person, a tiny seed in the Airborne Service Corps. All I know is to work hard and do my part. Here I am on the stage for this award. It is actually the hard work and dedication of the entire Corps that puts me here, and I am receiving this award on their behalf. There will be more hopes because we are here. I hope for the best for the country and every one on this island.
I want to thank my supervisors for their recognition and encouragement, and my family who is always there for me. I will work harder and stay humble at what I do. Thank you, every one of you.