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Jao, Teng-Feng

  • Award type:2015Rescue workers of performance
  • Date of award:2017-10-13
  • Release Date:2017-10-13


【Rescue achievements】

1. May 14 2014 a Vietnamese sailor on board of fishing boat, the “Beisheng 16,” had a seizure and was in need of rescue. He was picked up by the helicopter and transported to Kaohsiung Hospital for treatment. The mission was a success.
2. Aug 3 2014, an aerial reconnaissance mission was requested over the scene of Kaohsiung gas explosion. Two sorties were dispatched to investigate the cause and take aerial photos. It was a heartbreaking mission but necessary.
3. Sep 12 2014 a seaman was very sick on board of the APIIEN IAN TANKERS and a rescue mission was requested. He was air-lifted by the helicopter and transported to Chiu’s clinic in Kaohsiung for treatment.
4. Oct 7 2014 a Philippine seaman who suffered a broken left tibia on board of a Panamanian cargo ship, the ORE AMAZONAS and was in need of immediate medical assistance. He was transported to a hospital in Taiwan for treatment.

【Let’s listen to what he has to say】

I have been working for the Airborne Service Corps for more than 20 years and I feel extremely fortunate to be recognized with this award. During my days as a crew chief, I always keep in mind why I do this and maintain the enthusiasm to help people. All of those who are injured, sick, suffered or stranded are depending on us for the rescue. As a rescue worker, I feel that we have the mission of heading in the harm’s way and rescuing those in need as opposed other civil servants. As a part of the Corps, we need to put ourselves in the shoes of those who are in desperate need and do our best to help them and get the jobs done. The smile on the face of everyone rescued is our biggest reward. That’s why I often ask myself to improve myself professionally and keep my fingers crossed that the Goddess of fortune keeps smiling on us when we are out there helping people in dangers. It is my job and mission to bring those waiting for rescue out of distress and to safety.