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Aviation Info

Lin, Yu-Fu

  • Award type:2015Rescue workers of performance
  • Date of award:2017-10-13
  • Release Date:2017-10-13


【Rescue achievements】

1. Apr 29 2012, a rescue was requested in the mountains of Xinyi, Nantou. The helicopter took off at 0600 hour and arrived at 1kn from the target area where the 14 stranded hikers were spotted. At 0642 hour the helicopter landed at Dongchunda Mountain to pick up the stranded hikers. The helicopter touched down at Zhushan Training Center at 0723 hour and the mission was completed.
2. May 14 2012, a hiker who suffered a broken and laceration in the head was stranded in the Beidawu Mountain at Taiwu, Pingtung and was in need of rescue. The helicopter took off at 0725 hour and arrived at the scene at 0750. The wounded was air-lifted at 0815 hour and dropped off at 0825 hour at Neipu High School where the wounded was transferred to medical service. The mission was a success.
3. Oct 14 2012 a rescue mission was requested at Batongguan in the mountains. At 1235 hour the helicopter took off, landed at Batongguan at 1317 to pick up an injured hikerand took off again at 1323. At 1415 hour, the helicopter landed at Tainan Airport where the injured hiker was handed over to a waiting ambulance. The mission was completed.
4. Jul 28 2013, a rescue mission was requested at the Erwu Creek Camp in Taichung. The sick person was picked up at 0810 hour and the helicopter landed at 0830 the riverside Park at Dongxi where the sick person was transferred to a waiting ambulance. The mission was completed.

【Let’s listen to what he has to say】

I am very grateful to be selected as one of the rescue workers of good performance this year. This honor belongs to everyone on my team. I could have not done all the jobs without their help and supports. I am always thinking what would happen and what I should do when it does happen when I am out there flying a mission. After all, it is saving life we are talking about. It is not just those waiting to be rescued, but also the crew on board the helicopter with me. The flight training and exercises with crews are in fact performed to improve the safety when we are executing a rescue mission. I want to thank my crew for the directions they gave me during the trainings. It is them who help me through this meaningful job.