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Aviation Info

Fang, Chia-Yang

  • Award type:2015Rescue workers of performance
  • Date of award:2017-09-25
  • Release Date:2017-09-25


【Rescue achievements】

1. Sep 10 2012, a person fell into a gorge in the mountains of Guanwu and rescue by helicopter was requested. At 0838 hour, the helicopter landed at the Guanwu Mansion to pick up the wounded and then at 0906 hour at CPC Chutung Prospecting Office where the wounded was picked by an ambulance to local hospital for treatment. The mission was a success.
2. Oct 4 2012, a seaman had a section of his right index finger severed on board of the UNI PRLDENT and rescue was requested. At 1228 hour, the helicopter arrived at the target area for the air lifting. Upon landing, the wounded seaman was picked by an ambulance to a hospital for treatment. The mission was a success.
3. Oct 11 2012, a seaman on board of the Ever Lambent of the Evergreen Group sustained a head injury just offshore of Taipei Harbor and medical evacuation was requested. At 1135 hour, the helicopter arrived at the target area for the air lifting, and landed at the Taipei Veteran General Hospital at 1145 hour. The wounded seaman was handed over to the medical service for treatment. The mission was a success.
4. Feb 4 2015, a search and rescue mission was requested for the TransAsia Airway crash. Mr. Fang piloted his helicopter to search for any sign of victims between 1030 and 1800 hour from 1km upstream of Bailing Bridge to the estuary of Tamsui River, as well as 5kn radius off the estuary of Tamsui River.

【Let’s listen to what he has to say】

From Mar 2012 to Mar 2015, I flew 6 sorties of rescue at sea and saved 4 people; 24 sorties of medical evacuation and saved 24 people, 14 sorties of disaster prevention exercise and drill; 2 sorties of search and rescue for air crash, and a sortie of aerial recon to help pursue criminal suspects. That’s what I do to help and rescue those in need. Despite the dangers, poor weathers, days or nights, at sea or in mountains, every mission has its own risks. However, there are people in need of help and I put myself in their shoes and hope to be there as fast as I can to rescue them and get the job done. It does not matter how hard it is and how tired I am, it is all worthy when people are save and the job well done. A job well done comes from the teamwork of the air and ground crews and the coordination and support from the command control. I am not a hero but privileged to work with them.