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Aviation Info

Chien, Ching-Fu

  • Award type:2016Model airborne crew
  • Date of award:2017-09-25
  • Release Date:2017-09-25

1. Mr. Chien has been very active in learning rescue skills, risk assessment and crew and resource management ever since he joined the airborne rescue force in 2011, and is in charge of planning and supervision of flight missions and associated matters. He always has a session with his air and ground crews after every sortie on how to make the next mission much safer. He was promoted as a crew chief for AS365N3 in 2011. Being a positive and devoted person, Mr. Chien loves to talk about new knowledge and skills with new recruits in the hope to do their jobs perfectly. For this, he is highly recognized by coworkers and supervisors.
2. He was dispatched for emergency sorties and accumulated the following hours between Jun 2015 and Jun 2016:
(1) Medical evacuation: 147:40
(2) Rescue at sea: 108:05
(3) Disaster observation: 6:15
(4) Maritime (coastal) patrol: 68:05
(5) Air transportation: 2:30
(6)Homeland aerial survey and photography: 4:25
(7) Exercise (drill):68:00
(8) Training flight: 227:00
(9) Maintenance flight: 109:50
Total flight hours: 865:35
3. Mr. Chien is a trustworthy crew chief who gets the jobs done. He was the person in charge of the on-job training and new crew chief training for the Corps from 2012 to 2014, and the crew chief training and supervision of the contract performance for AS-365 crew chief in 2015 and 2016. Mr. Chien delivered what his supervisors requested and facilitated well-performed training missions. He works closely with air and ground crews to complete the Corps’ missions of disaster rescue, emergency response, medical assistance, observation and patrol, and transportation. For years he has participated in many dangerous and challenging tasks day and night and always believes in safety first and saving people’s lives. He gets the job done with flying color.