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On August 7, 2014, airborne service perform excellently in the cross-strait maritime joint drill.

  • Release Date:2014-08-07
  • Source:National Airborne Service Corps

Airborne Service Perform Excellently in the Cross-Strait Maritime Joint Drill

With the relaxation of relationship between Mainland and Taiwan in recent years, both sides has gradually establish cooperative mechanism concerning livelihood issues. Maritime Jointly Search and Rescue Maneuver Between Mainland and Taiwan is the unique project that practically performed by both sides on the perspective of humanitarian aid. The Airborne Service Corp cooperated with the Coast Guard Ministry and performed practical maneuver. On August 7, the Corp sent out helicopters with Type AS-356 from Group 1 (stationed at Sungshan, Taipei) of the 1st Service Battalion to take part in the practical drill. The theme for the drill is “Performing Maritime Emergency Hand in Hand to Jointly Build Safe Strait”. Both Sides jointly finished distress alerting, task assignment, instant rescue and emergency evacuation and other drill projects to build perfect regional jointly rescue mechanisms. The drill proceeded at the waters between Matsu and Mawei. It is supposed that a cross-strait passenger ship crashed into a cargo ship at the waters between Fuchou Province and Matsu because of failing to avoid. Sails fell down the sea and passengers got hurt in the case. Both ships sent out distress message right after the accident. The search and rescue units of sides instantly carried out emergency measures for maritime search and rescue. The helicopters of airborne service response for search and rescue mission, as well as sending injured passengers to hospitals. One hour drill won great appreciation from the field audiences due to the vivid and realistic performance.