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The station of airborne service’s middle part was completed. It strengthens the rescue power.

  • Release Date:2015-01-12
  • Source:National Airborne Service Corps

The completion of Airborne Service Middle Parts Station Strengthens Rescue Power

The newly built base for the 2nd Battalion of  National Airborne Service Corps, MOI was completed and put into use on December 15. Chiu, Chang-Yueh, the vice-minister of MOI hosted the opening ceremony. The general budge for the project of new station reached over 0.8 billion NTD. Construction and Planning Agency built the station and won distinction in the engineering type in the 14th Golden Award For Architecture, held by Public Construction Commission, MOI. Chiu, Chang-Yueh stated that, the completion of this station expressed government’s emphasis on disaster relief and protection of people’s life and property security. The Airborne Service Corp would start accept UH-60M Black Hawk helicopters from July, 2015. The Black Hawk helicopter is the newest all-digital helicopters and can reach any high mountains in Taiwan. After that, the whole fleet will be younger. This base will serve as the main base for training, maintaining and organization. It can improve the rescue power. Accompanied and explicated by Captain Tung, Chien-Cheng and the 2nd Service Battalion, Vice-minister Chiu then inspect construction of the whole base. When reviewing the maintenance and safeguard of machines and tools, Chiu reminded that the maintenance system should be executed in daily life. Chiu, Chang-Yueh also take the opportunity to comfort crews of Airborne Service Corp and all logistics workers. He expressed thanks for their work on disaster relief and protection of people.