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On November 19, 2014, emergency medical aid at the Taiping and Hsiyuan Camp, Chohsi village, Hualien county.

  • Release Date:2014-11-19
  • Source:National Airborne Service Corps

Emergency Medical Aid At Taiping and Hsiyuan Camp, Chohsi Village, Hualien County

On November 19, 2014, three out of six passengers get hurt at the Taiping and Hsiyuan Camp, Chohsi village, Hualien county. Ground search & rescue crew could not arrived at the place in time. Therefore, Fire Agency urgently applied for the participation of helicopters from the Airborne Service. At about 0:21 on November 19, the Airborne Service Corp dispatched Type B234(NA-602) from Group 1 of the 3rd Service Battalion to execute medical evacuation mission at dawn after receiving the emergency task inform. The task flight arrived at the target area at about 8. The helicopter could not land, judging by high and low altitude reconnaissance, as well as the horsepower inspection. Thus, crews determined to carry out the rescue mission by hanging with a nacelle. At about 8:17, climbers are successfully saved. The flight instantly made a return voyage and land at the Hualien Airport at about 8:45. Ground ambulance men took over injured persons to deal with the subsequent processing. Mission completed successfully.