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On July 7, 2015, a search & rescue mission for a mountain accident at Chiali Mountain, Nanchuang, Miaoli.

  • Release Date:2015-07-09
  • Source:National Airborne Service Corps

Airborne Service Helicopter Rushed to Rescue A Couple Who Get Lost in A Mountain

At about 22:50 on July 7, The Airborne Service Corp, MOI received an emergency task inform from the Fire Agency of Miaoli County: a critical situation that a couple got lost after climbing the mountain from Luchang, Chiali Mountain, Nanchuang, Miaoli at July 6. It was a period that typhoons Lienhua and Changhung attack Taiwan. Earth and stones might slide down and the water in the valley might surge in the mountainous area, due to the heavy rains there. After confirming the relevant information and coordinate position, the Corp instantly informed equipped crews of Type UH-1H (No. NA-519) from Group 2 (stationed at Taipei Songshan) of the 1st Service Battalion to go for rescue. The task plane arrived at the target area at about 8:9 on July 8 and started the search mission. The flourish trees in the mountainous area add difficulties to the search & rescue mission. Two climbers were finally found at 8:35. The airflow from both sides of the valley impacted the stability of the helicopter. Thus, one logistics staff from the Special Search Team firstly carrying the female climber to the helicopter by hanging ring. And then, the male climber was carried up in the same way at about 8:47. At about 8:58, the helicopter landed at the Miaoli Stadium. The ground personnel took over two climbers to do further rescue. The mission was fulfilled successfully.