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On May 11, 2015, an old person in Tali tribe, Hsiulin village, Hualien got the right foot fractured. The helicopters of Airborne Service offered emergency medical aid.

  • Release Date:2015-05-12
  • Source:National Airborne Service Corps

Airborne Service Helicopter Offered Emergency Medical Aid For An Indigenous Old Person Who Got Fracture on the Right Foot

At about 9:20 on May 11, 2015, the Airborne Service Corp, MOI received an emergency task inform: “an old man (about 86 years old) at Tali tribe, Hsiulin village, Hualien who drove ‘scooter car’ before preparing for work in the mountain and carelessly got comminuted fracture on his right ankle. It might be caused by unsuitable operation. The car overturned and crushed the old man. The condition is critical and badly in need of rescue.”After confirming information and position, the Corp immediately dispatched Type UH-1H (No. NA-517) from Group 3 (stationed at Hualien) of the 1st Service Battalion to execute search & rescue mission. The Airborne Service helicopter (NA-517) flew toward about 3500-foot of Tailuko mountainous area at 9:25. It arrived at the target area at about 9:39. In consideration of the low cloud ceiling, high trees and private cable-ways for carrying crops in the area, crews performed airborne reconnaissance firstly to ensure the flight security. They found the injured man at about 9:44. After discussion, crews decided to execute the mission by putting a rescue stretcher down. Out of dense trees around the injured, the hanging operation was executed for many times to and fro. They finally got the injured boarded the plane via the rescue stretcher at about 9:51 and immediately went on the return voyage. The plane arrived at the Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital at about 10:03. The ground medical personnel took over the injured to perform further rescue. The mission was completed successfully.