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Affectionate and Benevolent, the Alternative Military Servicemen of NASC

  • Release Date:2018-01-26
  • Source:NASC

NASC has been promoted charity services of alternative military servicemen to take care of the minority groups. The alternative military servicemen are encouraged to proactively engage in all types of charity services and activities during their standby hours or breaks. By doing so, they will be able not only to help those who need help, but also learn to respect life, cherish resources and keep positive thinking. The director general expects that NASC will be able to assist in charity services and activities by cooperating with “Taipei Orphan Welfare Foundation” and “Genesis Social Welfare Foundation”.

“Taipei Orphan Welfare Foundation” was established to enhance the well-being of orphans and promote humanity and benevolence by gathering kindhearted people from the society and paying attention to the total development of orphans. The foundation has long been providing guidance, counseling services, consultations and total caring services to orphans with an expectation that they will grow up healthier, happier and stronger. Genesis Social Welfare Foundation, on the other hand, was established to “protect humaneness and respect life”. It not only takes care people in a vegetative state and elderly people who have lost their dependents, cognitive functions and abilities, but also assists homeless people to win back their confidence and return to the society.

The alternative military serviceman of NASC have participated in “2016 Taipei Orphan Welfare Foundation Charity Bazaar of Taipei Game Show”, “2016 Smart City Summit & Expo Charity Bazzar”,

“2017 Smart City Summit & Expo Charity Bazzar”, “Annual Donation Receipt Arrangement”, “The 28th Autumn Excursion for Elderly People”, “2017 Spring Outing Activities for Elderly People”, “The 27th Outdoor Catering for Homeless People, Single Parents and Outcasts”, “The Chunghwa Post Moon Festival Charity Event”, “The 29th Autumn Excursion for Elderly People” and “The Wednesday Volunteer at Genesis Social Welfare Foundation (Hsintien Office)”. In 2017, NASC was awarded by MOI for the extraordinary performance of its alternative military serviceman. It therefore donated NTD25000 of group bonus obtained from the “2016 Taipei Orphan Welfare Foundation Charity Bazaar of Taipei Game Show” held by Taipei Orphan Welfare Foundation and “The 28th Autumn Excursion for Elderly People” held by Genesis Social Welfare Foundation with an expectation to help more people who need help.

The alternative military serviceman who donated the money on behalf of NASC said “Before rendering my military services, I only knew that there were people who needed help in this society. After joining charity services at NASC, I now understand that children who lost their family, people in a vegetative state, homeless people, elderly people who live alone and single parent families are the minority groups that need spiritual or material assistance from the society. We are happy about being able to learn how to make contributions, help the others, thank the others and cherish things that we have. We hope that our contributions will bring warmth and assistance to these people and that our donations will call the others to join these meaningful charity activities.