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Accomplish Missions with Safety the First Priority – The 2019 Outstanding Airborne Servicemen Commendation

  • Release Date:2019-12-09
  • Source:NASC

National Airborne Service Corps (NASC) is the air guardian of all people of the nation. Whenever people's lives and property are in danger, NASC is always capable to timely provide necessary assistance thereto, reprieving them from death. The arrival of NASC’s helicopter may be likened to Mazu that appears to save the ones with difficulty in life. To encourage extraordinary personnel and raise morale of NASC, Minister of the Interior Hsu Kuo-Yung presented awards to 11 NASC model personnel of 2019 on November 14. 

The awardees of 2019 include 5 pilots (Wen Shih-Hua, Huang Ming-Kung, Wang Shih-Hsien, Kuo Huang-Lin and Chan Te-Ching); 4 flight and duty affair related personnel (Huang Kuang-Liang, Chien Ching-Fu, Su Shih-Lin and Chuang Ya-Fu); and two personnel from Coast Guard Administration (CGA) and National Fire Agency (NFA) who joined the NASC missions (Tsao Wei-Che from CGA and Li Ming-Tsai from NFA). Minister Hsu expressed that NASC was the only government aviation unit besides the national army; and was in charge of land and air disaster relief, search and research, emergency medical service, reconnaissance and patrol, and transportation missions. Minister Hsu praised that, upon its establishment over the last 14 years, NASC had brought their expertise into play to rescue the lives of our citizens together with CGA and NFA personnel. He said that according to the statistics NASC had timely and successfully rescued 6,993 people up to this October.

All of the 11 NASC model personnel this year all deserve to receive the awards. Not only possess they a high sense of responsibility and mission but also, when challenged by adverse weather and environment, they are capable to successfully complete the mission and rescue the precious lives of our citizens with proficient skills and teamwork spirit. By taking Captain Huang Ming-Kung as an example, he successfully rescued 18 personnel in the hoist rescue mission of 5 stranded freighters on August 23, 2018; and, despite the bad weather, he fully demonstrated the spirit of NASC “caring for people, protecting people at all times, and treating people attentively”. As for the four personnel who is responsible for back-end flight and mission related affairs, they have fully demonstrated the teamwork spirit inside and outside the team and facilitated the progress of mission by assisting in command coordination or communication and dispatch works.

Minister Hsu emphasized that every mountain and sea rescue mission jointly implemented by NASC, NFA’s Special Search and Rescue Team (SSRT) and CGA’s Rescue Hoist Mission Squad was indeed extremely dangerous, so that Ministry of the Interior would take the initiative to further negotiate with Executive Yuan to strive for reasonable treatments for them.

To enhance its disaster relief and emergency response capabilities in air and establish an all-weather, three-dimensional and high-mobility aerial disaster relief system, NASC will receive another six powerful and fully equipped UH-60M black hawk helicopters next year (2020) to further enhance our aerial disaster relief system and to give better protection to people’s lives and property.