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The Corps was recognized by the 2016 rescue workers of outstanding performance awards, indicating how difficult these aerial missions are

  • Release Date:2016-12-01
  • Source:NASC

National Rescue Command Center of Executive Yuan (the Center hereafter) had the “award presentation for 2016 rescue workers of outstanding performance award” at the Howard Civil Service International House in Taipei City on Nov 3 2016 in order to improve the morale rescue workers, recognize the heroic deeds of these rescue workers, and establish models for search and rescue efforts. The presentation was hosted by Dr. Jiunn-Rong Yeh, Minister of the Interior, who presented the awards to 20 of the award-winning workers of the Corps.
In addition to the recognition of the workers of outstanding performance, the Center invited these workers and their families to visit the Center, the duty command center of the Corps and the Keelung coast Patrol Corps, Coastal Patrol Directorate General, Coast Guard Administration. The interactions between these rescue workers from government agencies facilitated the exchange of knowledge and experience for the improvement of search and rescue performance and in turn greater benefits for the execution of future missions.
4 of crewmembers from the Corps were recognized in this presentation and 3 of them were at the front line of rescue mission, including Tsai, Yu-Pi, pilot on Squadron 1, 1st Wing; Wang, Yi-Yao, pilot on Squadron 3, 2nd Wing; and Chen, Chia-Yu, crew chief on Squadron 2, 2nd Wing. They often take off and go out in terrible weather, harsh mountains or at sea on a rescue mission for rescue, disaster recon or medical evacuation. Every time they go out with only the idea to save lives, and they are trying to save them in the shortest possible time. For commanding and dispatching rescue missions, pilot Yang, Hsing-Jung of duty command center won the award. He has 30 plus years of flight experience under his belt, and he knows what the helicopters can and cannot do. When a phone call comes in giving an order, he has to determine what type of mission is at hand and the appropriate fleet and type of helicopter to deploy.
On the night of the 3rd after the award presentation, Dr. Yeh hosted the banquet for the award winners and their families at the same venue, as well as the officials of all associated agencies. They share what they have learned over the year with one another, which helped improve the exchange of experience between the rescue agencies.