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Servicemen of the Corps did what they are good at to improve service performance

  • Release Date:2016-09-12
  • Source:NASC

National Airborne Service Corps started in 2016 to receive 49 replacement servicemen, including 9 of the 164th batch, 20 of the 166th batch, and 20 of the 167th batch, all of which are assigned to business departments or duty bases. After the boot camp at Camp Chengkungling and assignment to the Corps, the replacement servicemen were given a 3-day orientation to help them catch up with what they will do in the Corps and develop their concepts of obedience and hardworking in the hope to establish good working attitudes in them.
For the configuration of curriculum, the Corps had those in charge of each part of the Corps’ businesses for the introduction and presentation of the part he/she in charge of, including information security, telephone etiquette, aircraft operation safety, flight safety education, duty command and field visits, paperwork introduction, ethics regulations and maintenance of agency security, and introduction for charity service and activities. In addition, the officials from National Conscription Agency were invited for topic workshops and “Teacher Chang” for psychological health courses.
Director General Tung, Chien-Cheng of National Airborne Service Corps takes the life of these servicemen very seriously. He believes that these boys are not only doing their duties for the country, but also serve as a driving force for the society and country to move forward. Therefore, he always gives his pep talk to the replacement servicemen when they report in for duty. He encourages the servicemen to learn to be independent, keep the fire within and find themselves in experience, as these growing pains are helpful when they enter the job market. He also urges these boys to care for their country and family, do their parts in their positions and keep both feet on solid ground and that will give them the chance to make their dreams come true.
The National Conscription Agency has a citation ceremony every year to present replacement servicemen of outstanding performance. This year, the replacement servicemen of outstanding performance award at National Airborne Service Corps for the first half of 2016 goes to Mr. Li, Tsang-Yu who works at the ethics office. As a manager of the replacement servicemen, Mr. Li is a hard working man with a good sense of responsibility. Apart from administrational paperwork, he also helps fellow replacement servicemen with their daily life, search for historic records, document scanning for archive, human resource and other charity activities with a very impressive performance.
The National Airborne Service Corps is a government agency that provides air support in rescue missions. The servicemen who are assigned to the Corps are promising young men equipped with knowledge in flight skills, mechanical engineering or electronic communications. They are allowed to do what they are best at and help the agency, the society and the country go forward by improving the performance of government affairs and social service.