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We are there for you –Airborne Service Worker of 2016 Award Presentation

  • Release Date:2016-11-18
  • Source:NASC
As the government’s one and only official aircraft fleet, the National Airborne Service Corps has the responsibility of the government’s air service duties, particularly rescue missions. Whenever people’s life or property is at stake, the Corps always provides the much needed rescue and bring the stranded and their families hope and opportunity. As an appreciation and encouragement for the hard work of these dedicated air crews, Dr. Jiunn-Rong Yeh, Minister of the Interior, presented trophies to 9 “Airborne Service Workers of the Year” on Nov 11 2016. The families and friends of these workers were invited to enjoy this great honor.

The winners of this 2016 award were pilots Tsai, Yu-Pi, Chao, Chiang-Pen, Kuo-chien-Hwa and Tsai, Tung-Sheng, crew chiefs Chien, Ching-Fu and Tung, Ching-Shing, Coast Guard worker Yang, Shu-Han, Chang, Ming-Chie of National fire Agency and chief Liu, Hung-Chun. In numerous occasions their consummate skills led them through dangerous mountains and over treacherous waters. The crew, including pilots, air crew and rescuers, works together seamlessly and defines the meaning of teamwork by saving the lives of many. It does not matter the mission is a rescue in mountains or at sea, medical evacuation or air rescue, medical transfer or transportation of rescue workers, equipment or supplies, they always get the job done with poise in good or bad weathers.

One of the winner, Mr. Tsai, who is a pilot in command, has years of experience flying UH-1H Huey. He flew a rescue mission in the Nenggao Mountains towards Tien-chi Lake in 2015 to rescue a hiker who slipped and fell 15m down into a gorge. The hiker was located at a steep cliff that seemed to be a landslide waiting to happen. A rescuer on board was trying to descend but found no place to land. However, the crew worked as a team and started to guide the hiker toward a safer location. They did not give up any hope and at the end pulled this one off. Mr. Tsai flew 53 sorties in the mountains and sea, and 16 firefighting sorties in the last 3 years to protect the life and property of people.

Mr. Tung is a crew chief and instructor for AS365N3. He is very positive and enthusiastic in teaching new recruits about new programs and skills and helps them perform rescue mission. He once flew a rescue mission at the waters surrounding Penghu in a very rough day. Despite the difficulty, he managed to board the ship in distress and rescue the crew on board successfully.

The rescued people are extremely thankful for what the Corps has done for them and really appreciate their heroic performance. The Corps believes in people first ever since its inception in 2005. The crew performs every mission with professional know-how and enthusiasm, aiming to bring out the best of them to provide a safe environment for people to live in as well as establish a positive image. In addition, the Corps organized the Blackhawk fleet establishment ceremony on Mar 23 2016 to show the determination of government to keep people safe. The Corps will establish a 24-7 and highly prepared air rescue system to provide people with better protection.