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“The National Airborne Service Corps Safeguards Lives” Our helicopters are always ready to save lives

  • Release Date:2023-08-15
  • Source:勤務指揮中心

     The National Airborne Service Corps sponsored an open day at the Taichung base and only invited the people its helicopters have rescued to tour the base. This event presented opportunities for the rescued to interact with the Air Corps personnel and promote mutual understanding and exchanges which are aimed at informing the public of the Corps’ ability to rescue and prevent disasters. Ching Yen-Yuan, General Commander of the National Airborne Service Corps noted that the Airborne Service Squads in the only public airborne unit in the country which is responsible for five major missions: air rescue, emergency rescue, Air medical services, patrol and reconnaissance, and airmobile transportation. Taiwan, which is surrounded by the sea from all sides, is a mountainous country, hence mountain and sea disasters happen frequently. To save lives, the Airborne Service Squads must undertake rescue missions every day where crew members, despite their exposure to novel situations with each rescue, must achieve these missions with their utmost effort. 
     According to General Commander Ching, air rescue missions are always carried out in bad weather, difficult situations, dangerous terrains, and unknown conditions. When saving people amidst encountering different disasters, crews always risk their lives to achieve the missions. From January to August 15 this year (2023), the Airborne Squads have dispatched 484 helicopter sorties and saved about 210 people. This open day primarily provided opportunities and a platform for the rescued to interact with the crews of the Airborne Squads to promote mutual understanding and exchanges. By bringing the Airborne Squads and their crews, who undertake risks and face dangers when carrying out their missions, into the light, this aims to allow the rescued and people to better understand how to cope with disasters and the works of disaster rescue, hence encouraging people to better prevent disasters and take preliminary measures while awaiting rescue. Even more importantly, everyone should learn how to stay away from disasters and hence avoid abusing public rescue resources.  
     The National Airborne Service Squads uphold strict disciplines and serve flying training to enhance its capacity to maintain its helicopters. As the Corps promotes flying security, it is also responsible for taking over the Blackhawk helicopters and it performed brilliantly to win the 2022 Civil Service Outstanding Contribution Award in the group category. The construction of the Taichung, Kaohsiung, and Taitung bases has won the Public Construction Golden Quality Award, and the Airborne Squads have hence provided the crews with an ideal working and stand-by environment. General Commander Ching would like to express his affirmation and gratitude to his colleagues’ dedication to achieving the missions despite the dangers posed from saving lives in the most challenging and difficult conditions. 
     General Commander Ching also shared that the Corps’ most important responsibility is to safeguard the lives and property. He hoped that this open day would people’s understanding of disaster prevention and mobilize them to protect themselves. Short clips were played at the event which demonstrated the Corps’ five major missions: “air rescue, emergency rescue, Air medical services, patrol and reconnaissance, and airmobile transportation”. Helicopters and equipment were also displayed onsite as part of Introducing the unit’s features. During the open day, the crews of the Airborne Squads interacted with and had meaningful exchanges with the rescued to demonstrate their both their care for the public and their professionalism.