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Minister Lin Yu-chang inspected the National Airborne Service Corps, accrediting the outstanding achievements of the Air Force

  • Release Date:2023-02-15
  • Source:空中勤務總隊

After ascending to his office, Minister Lin Yu-chang inspected the Airborne Service Corps, MOI, accrediting its outstanding performance during the last year. Winning the Group Award of 2022 Civil Service Outstanding Award, the Public Construction Golden Quality Award with the construction of Taitung base and other awards, it has rescued 231 people securely, with excellent records in flight safety. 
Minister Lin expressed that led by General Commander Ching Yen-Yuan, the National Airborne Service Corps has been strict in its discipline and a demanding flight training. It continues to promote its capacity in aircraft maintenance and upgrade its performance in flight safety. It has been conducting the operations of Blackhawk helicopter for 12 years, winning the 2022 Civil Service Outstanding Award. In addition, it also won the Public Construction Golden Quality Award with the construction of the Taitung base. With its excellent flight safety record, it has rescued 231 people over the past year safely, a distinguished achievement. 
The National Airborne Service Corps usually carries out its missions under extremely bad weather, challenging conditions, difficult terrain and unknow situations. Encountering disasters from time to time, the crew exposes themselves to danger while rescuing people in danger. In January 16 this year, a Mongolian-flagged cargo ship was sunk in a shipwreck while traveling through the Taiwan Strait. Its sailors abandoned the ship and floated in the sea. In great danger, the crew of the National Airborne Corps and Coast Guards saved all 8 of them bravely. Their attitude of regarding people’s lives as their own lives is worthy of our respect. Minister Lin continued that in the national rescue system, the National Airborne Corps is an indispensable and important unit. In the past few years, it has completed the assignments of receiving new helicopters, the construction of the Songshan Base, etc., saving about NT$ 6 billion in government funds. Last year, it won the 2022 Civil Service Outstanding Award presented by the Examination Yuan. Being the glory of the Ministry of the Interior, it is also an exemplar for the civil servants. He encouraged the crew to uphold flight safety during their rescue missions and showed his acclaim and reassurance to their contributions.