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NASC Recognized for Outstanding Civil Servant Contribution Award for Receiving Blackhawks and Disaster Rescue

  • Release Date:2022-12-13
  • Source:空中勤務總隊

The “Forward Looking Project” team of National Airborne Service Corps in charge of Blackhawk helicopter receiving and disaster rescue sorties was recognized by the Examination Yuan for the 2022 “Outstanding Civil Servant Contribution Award- Group Category.” The recognition ceremony took place today (Dec 13) at the Quang-Xiang Hall of Examination Yuan.

Mr. Ching, Yen-Yuan, Director of NASC, pointed out that the “Forward Looking Project Office” was established in 2009 under the government’s “airborne disaster rescue capacity improvement” to receive 15 Blackhawk helicopters that Ministry of National Defense purchased from the US. 12 years have passed as all the Blackhawk helicopters were received. The crew received training and started their daily rescue missions. 962 people have been rescued successfully since 2015, and fleet maintenance capability was established as well. The project has helped save approximately NT$ 2.87 billion of government budgets. These efforts were recognized as NASC received two gold medals of Executive Yuan in the category of public construction works, and the 2022 Outstanding Civil Servant Award – Group Category. 

NASC indicated that the first 3 Blackhawks received in July 2015 flew numerous rescue sorties in rescuing 962 people, transporting 1,256 people, dropping 4,368 tons of water in 2,184 sorties in forest firefighting and transporting 171 tons of supplies up to now (November). As people grow active in terms of activities in the mountains and over waters, the burdens on airborne rescue missions increase significantly. Blackhawk is an excellent helicopter with a wide range of equipment fit for rescue missions, and capable of flying missions in mountains higher than 3,000m and over waters within the flight information region of Taiwan. However, NASC would like to call on all citizens to prepare for safety and protection your lives while having a good time in the mountains and over waters, even though these halos are standing by 24-7. 

Director Ching said that the Forward Looking Project team is just one of the 44 candidates and it is fortunate to stand out and win the outstanding contribution award after 2 and a half months of document review, secondary presentation and field visit by Ministry of Civil Service. The 11 team members were recognized in the ceremony, but the honor belongs to everyone in NASC. In particular, it is appreciated that domestic and international units of the Ministry of National Defense and Army Command Headquarters for their full assistance and support in the spirit of government integration, so that the mission of picking up the helicopters was a complete success. The Army, Navy and Air Force Commands also signed the "Blackhawk Helicopter Support Agreement" with NASC to continue to provide the logistics resources and mutual support needed for helicopter maintenance, keep NASC’s Blackhawks available, and increase the ability to perform air missions.

On the other hand, the Executive Yuan approved and guided the parallel plan of "fleet maintenance strategy by in-house and commercial maintenance." With the decision "in-house maintenance before commercial capability,” NASC planned to establish maintenance capacity at the user level and develop fleet management capabilities. In the form of public bidding, service providers were invited to bid on fleet maintenance contracts, saving NT$ 2.87 billion in expenses. Eyeing the future, NASC will aim to establish a "first-class professional flight team" and "a first-class professional disaster rescue team" to protect the safety of people's lives and property.