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2022 Educational Training on Information Security National Airborne Service Corps, MOI

  • Release Date:2022-04-16
  • Source:空中勤務總隊

With the increasing threat of the Internet and complex modes of hacker attacks, many information security problems have arisen. In addition to applying technological tools as precautionary measures, advocacy and education on the information security awareness of internal staff of agencies and the implementation of information security management-related measures are also issues of great importance.
In order to enhance information security awareness of colleagues at the National Airborne Service Corps, MOI, eight sessions of educational training on information security were conducted in March. Due to the impact of the pandemic, the personnel engaged in self-management and relevant protective measures in accordance with the provisions of the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC). The service corps. Partially adopted video conferencing to engage in advocacy training due to the attributes of the tasks. At the educational training, professional lecturer Manager Chen Hung-Ping from Celeraise conducted the teaching sessions. The lecture contents included issues related to Internet crimes, latest information security events, computer virus prevention, personal information protection, social networking, leakage of personal information, etc. The application of email security techniques, knowledge about information and security, data damage and leakage prevention methods were explained. The profound theories in the course contents were explained in simple language to establish correct and practical information security concepts. At the same time, based on actual cases of hacker attacks reported by the media, the connections, steps and effective defensive method were explained in order for the colleagues to understand how to reduce the likelihood of becoming subject to attacks.
Lastly, the National Airborne Service Corps, MOI Chief of Information Security Officer and Deputy Director Cheng Jung-Feng emphasized that information security starts from the basics. Information security-related technical manpower is the last line of defense for information security. The users in the internal agency should establish correct concepts pertaining to information system use, secure computer operating practices and the prevention of internal loopholes vulnerable to hacker attacks, all of which are the most fundamental preventive approaches.