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Implement the Maintenance Strategy to Promote Repairing Capacity

  • Release Date:2022-04-06
  • Source:空中勤務總隊

To implement the maintenance strategy and promote repairing skills, the National Airborne Service Corps, MOI conducted the 2022 retraining program of BEECH fixed-wing aircraft at AIR ASIA Company Limited in Tainan from March 16 to 18, 2022. In the program, sessions on the body, engine, avionics, and maintenance practice were offered. The trainees included maintenance staff and chief machinists from the First and Second Squad of the Second Brigade, National Airborne Service Corps, MOI. After the training, evaluations were conducted to test their maintenance and troubleshooting ability in the BEECH fixed-wing aircraft. Eventually, all the trainees passed the evaluation. Affected by the epidemic, the trainees conducted self-management and protection measures according to the guidelines of the Central Epidemic Command Center during the retraining. 

During the retraining, the instructors taught the trainees the knowledge, skills, and experiences concerning aircraft maintenance patiently. During the sessions, the trainees asked questions about ways for efficient troubleshooting from time to time. In the process of periodic maintenance and inspection, non-routine maintenance, and after receiving aircrafts, problems may appear. They conducted vivid discussions, exchanged ideas, and shared experiences regarding technical issues. They all learned considerably from the sessions. 

Promoted by the government regarding re-organization, the National Airborne Service Corps took over five major missions to support the air disaster relief, air rescue, emergent medical service, observation and patrol, and transportation. When receiving assignments, the personnel on duty have to check the details (such as weather, aircraft conditions, and capacity) with related units. Aircrafts will be dispatched in accordance with the priorities of life, degree of emergency, and remote islands. Then, suitable aircrafts in the nearest locations with the capacity to be mobilized promptly will be assigned to carry out the rescue missions. Now, there are fixed-wing aircrafts of AS-365, UH-60M, and BEECH. To ensure flight safety of the aircrafts, periodic inspections, system structure check, post-completion check, technical modification, technical report, and other maintenance items are conducted before, during, and after the air missions. To empower the maintenance quality, these items are required to be listed in the aircraft maintenance plans to be carried out by the maintenance and control department and re-examined by the personnel in the quality control department.  

The National Airborne Service Corps is responsible for five major missions, and it endeavors to carry out assignments in disaster relief, rescue, and emergent medical service by exploiting every second with the fastest possible speed. Only by upholding flight safety, it is able for them to complete missions smoothly. Likewise, it is essential to implement the aircraft maintenance strategy to maintain the flight safety policy.