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National Airborne Service Corps Duty Implementation Statistics in December 2021

  • Release Date:2022-01-24
  • Source:空中勤務總隊

A. Air response
 1. Response to fire: 3 sorties,Quantity of water dropped 10 tons.
B.Air rescue
 1. Search and rescue in the mountains:43 sorties,14 people rescued,11passengers,Material、equipment or fuel carried 1300kg.
C.Medical assistance
1. Organ transplant:12 sorties,11 people rescued,10 passengers.
D.Observation and patrol
 1. Maritime (coastal) aerial patrol:10 sorties. 
 2. Aerial photography for homeland planning:7 sorties.
E.Air transportation
 1. Air transportation:4 sorties,11 passengers,Material、equipment or fuel carried 991kg.
 1. Training flight: 68sorties.
 2. Test run:124 sorties.
 3. Joined duty training:1 sorties.
4. Maintenance flight: 109 sorties.