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Solute to your heroic rescue! 12 Airborne Service role models recognized by Minister Hsu.

  • Release Date:2021-12-01
  • Source:空中勤務總隊

Ministry of the Interior had an “Airborne Service Role Model Recognition” ceremony today (Nov 25) to recognize the heroic rescue efforts of Airborne Service crew. Minister Hsu, Kuo-Yung presented trophies to 12 2021 Airborne Service role models to recognize the rescue efforts of Airborne Service Corps, Coast Guard Administration and National Fire Agency, as they have been doing their professional best in high mountains and at treacherous seas to rescue the lives of many. So far, they have saved 7,528 lives in their rescue sorties for an outstanding performance. 
Minister Hsu pointed out that National Airborne Service Corps is the only government agency that operates aircrafts other than the Armed Force. Whenever people’s lives and properties are in danger, Airborne Service, NFA Special Search and Rescue Team and Coast Guard Administration are always there for the rescue, bringing hope to the rescued and their families. This recognition was not only for the hard work by all the members, but also for the supports from their families, as their supports give the members the strength to fight for people’s lives and properties. 
Ministry of the Interior said that, among the recognized, there are 6 pilots, Yang, Hsin-Jung, Lin, Kuang-Hsiung, Chao, Chiang-Ben, Hui, Chih-Ping, Shih, Yu-Ping and Huang Chun-Ming; a flight crew member, Lin, Chun-Fang; 3 ground crew members, Yeh, Ying-Chieh, Liu, Chao-Kun and Tsai, Yi-Fang; and Tao, Chih-Wei of NFA and Huang, Wen-Chuan of Coast Guard Administration. 
Pilot Lin, Kuang-Hsiung has flown 60 sorties of sea rescue, and Chao has worked with Army Aviation and Special Forces Command for 35 firefighting sorties in Alishan forest fire in March this year, which took them 5 full days to put out. This embodies the Airborne Service spirit of “Mission Successful, Safety First.” 
Ministry of the Interior pointed out those 6 UH-60 M Blackhawks with heavy rescue equipment arrived in Oct last year (2020) as the reinforcement for air rescue capability and establishment of all-weather, 3-dimensional and highly mobile air rescue system. These birds have been flying rescue sorties at night and at seas since Jul 1 this year to provide better protection for people’s lives and properties.